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March 12


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Anything can be interpreted as art.
However, my understanding is that art is some collaboration of materials that has a specific purpose or design.
This is why I feel art is beautiful, because it is not just some random pile of clutter or splash of paint.
Thought has been put into each piece in order to get the viewer to look at it thoughtfully and to try and discover the artists true intensions, if there are any intension at all.

What do you think art is?
Hey guys,
So a while back I posted this thing about what I thought art is. And just recently I realized that I appreciate art with structure to it, not just some spontaneous explosion of peoples emotions on a canvas. In my previous version of this post I claimed that art was "is expression of the passion in a person's heart." Which I still partially agree with. But, like my world, I don't want my art to be based completely off of emotions. Because emotions are spontaneous, unstable, and are prone to change. And sometimes that change is for the worst. I'm not sure if you agree with me, but I don't really care because this is my opinion. I hope that I gave you all something to think about at least. 

Original: What is True Art?

All these words here (c) Me
JeiDoll Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I see it that everything that someone sees as an art, or someone has meant to make it as a piece of art is art. :> 
So I have pretty low standards for things to give them the title 'art'.

For 'art' to be 'great art' in my opinion it should have one of these 3 elements in it.
1. It needs to have thought behind it and it needs to provoke people into thinking.
(For example if you put a pile of horse poop in a jar, and it ends up in a museum of art, that is great art in my opinion. It is really thought provoking and it tells a lot about this world we are living in. : D)
2. Instead of that it could have story behind it / it needs to tell a tale to the person looking at it.
(For example a pretty picture of a butterfly is art, but a pretty pretty picture of a butterfly that has a spider in the background is great art in my opinion.)
3. Instead of the both above, if art is really well made = the person making it has really mastered the way he/she uses in creating it, that is great art. 
(For example a really well made sand sculpture of a perfectly round pebble is great art. It takes skill and patience to be able to make perfectly round pebble with anything that you can sculpt by hand. Also for example when someone has mastered computer drawing in a way that she/he is able to create incredible pictures with it, that is great art. :>) 
VexiWolf Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I like it~ :3
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